CPR Telegraph Ledger - Battle of Fish Creek (April 24)

Battle of Fish Creek (April 24)

  • Major-General Frederick Middleton, commander of the North-West Field Force of the Canadian militia, marched with 900 men from Clark’s Crossing to Batoche on April 23, splitting his men into two groups, one for either side of the South Saskatchewan River.
  • Approximately 150 Métis forces and First Nations supporters under the command of Gabriel Dumont set up an ambush at Fish Creek, also called Tourond’s Coulee, on the east side of the river, twenty kilometers south of Batoche.
  • Dumont’s men opened fire on April 24. Middleton was unsuccessful in driving them out, and had difficulty moving his men over from the west side of the river. His advance was stopped. The Resistance lost four men, while Middleton’s forces had six killed and forty-nine wounded.
  • Telegram from Major-General Frederick Middleton, Fish Creek, April 24, to Hon. A. P. Caron [Minister of Militia] in Ottawa that provides details of Battle of Fish Creek.





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