Saskatchewan Legislative Building Time Capsule - Mysteries


The contents of the time capsule were documented in 1909 and a list of what was contained within was included in the capsule – with two exceptions. 

Mystery Man

A single photo, the portrait of a man, clean shaven, greying slightly at the temples, was also found inside.  Who was he and how did his photo get into the capsule without being on the official contents list?

Following a call to the public for information by the Office of the Provincial Capital Commission, at least part of the mystery was solved.  He was identified by his grand-daughter as Franklin Joseph Robinson, Deputy Minister of Public Works at the time and the man responsible for overseeing the construction of the Legislative Building.  He was also responsible for organizing the cornerstone ceremony.

Did the politicians drop Robinson’s photo inside to recognize all his hard work?  Or, did Robinson decide to leave a little of himself behind?  Unless additional information surfaces, we shall never know.

GM-PH_001 - Photo of F.J. Robinson found within the time capsule

Missing Stamps

The original list of contents includes a selection of current postage stamps.  Like the other items on the list, it is checked off on the inventory that was included within the time capsule. The problem?  There were no postage stamps found in the time capsule when it was opened.  


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