Other Saskatchewan Land Records

Other Land Records at the Provincial Archives

Fiats: Records contain name, address and occupation of the applicant along with the legal land description, size, and type of grant.  Available in the Regina office only.

Township Register: Index to disposals of Dominion lands.  Includes date of entry, name of grantee, date of patent, and notations.  Available in the Regina office only.

Township Plans:  Survey maps showing an entire township on each map. Available in the Saskatoon office and the Regina office.

Cummins Maps: Maps showing who owned a quarter section in a given year.  Only 1920, 1922, 1926, and 1930 maps are available in the Saskatoon office and the Regina office. Maps for 1917 are available in the Regina office only. 

Brand books: Books used to locate a rancher whose land was acquired by grazing lease instead of by homestead patent.  Available in the Saskatoon office and the Regina office.

Timber and Grazing Records: Information about individuals who had a lease to cut timber or graze animals. Records are on microfilm (R-2.1000, Dept of Agriculture, Lands Branch Records, Timber and Grazing Records). An index is available (R-1224) which can be used with the Township Registers.  Available in the Regina office only.

Saskatchewan Land Records Held at Other Repositories

Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan: Records include homestead grants (land grant document only), land sales, land purchases, land transfers, all railway land transactions, school lands, and copies of original land grant certificates. 

Glenbow Archives: Records of Canadian Pacific Railway land sales. 

Library and Archives Canada: Records include Western Land Grants (letters patent only), North West Mounted Police (NWMP) land grants, Métis scrip records, colonization company records.

Archives of Manitoba - Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Archives: Records include HBC land sales records.