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1910-1920 - Introduction
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ca 1916

"During World War I, Boy Scouts encouraged people in Saskatchewan to buy Victory Bonds."

By 1912 the first great boom was over and Saskatchewan experienced the boom and bust cycle that came to typify the province’s fortunes. The abandoned hydro-electric dam site at La Colle Falls serves as a symbolic reminder to just how tenuous prosperity was in Saskatchewan.

Although the economic downturn was a serious blow to the province’s confidence, it was World War I (1914 to 1918) that had the greatest impact. Expecting a short war, Saskatchewan’s young men eagerly enlisted. As the casualties mounted the reality of trench warfare set in. Rural Saskatchewan felt the loss of its young men particularly hard. While men from Saskatchewan were dying in the trenches, the rest of the province was mobilizing the home front to support them. The increased demand for wheat caused Saskatchewan farmers to become more dependent on a single crop and slowed the diversification plans. People in the towns and cities did their part to support the war effort by buying Victory Bonds. Following the war, Saskatchewan residents had to face the devastating effects of the Spanish Flu.

A number of key events occurred during the decade that had a lasting social impact on Saskatchewan’s people. In 1916 women were granted the vote and prohibition was declared. The prohibition experiment ultimately failed, but it indicated how Saskatchewan was proactive in bringing about social change.

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Great War; boy Scouts; Victory Bonds; Civilian Support

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Image Preview R-B8132 Photograph 01 - "During World War I, Boy Scouts encouraged people in Saskatchewan to buy Victory Bonds."
Image Preview Pamphlets PDF Document 12 - "Canadian Patriotic Fund – Saskatchewan Branch: Report From the Inception of the Fund to June 30, 1916."
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