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Agriculture - Barns
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ca 1917

An example of a gambrel-roofed barn with a windmill.

Barns took on many shapes and sizes during the settlement days in Saskatchewan.

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Barns; Oxbow District

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Image Preview R-A2536 Photograph 1 - A dug-out type of barn.
Image Preview R-A7554-2 Photograph 2 - A log barn in the Redvers area.
Image Preview R-B10216 Photograph 3 - A bee was used to build an extension onto this barn.
Image Preview R-A20144-2 Photograph 4 - Construction of this barn near Alameda is nearly complete.
Image Preview R-A870 Photograph 5 - In the early 1900's the largest barn in North America was located on a ranch in the Leader area. It could accommodate 6
Image Preview R-A128 Photograph 6 - Horses and cattle in front of a bar in the Oxbow district.
Image Preview R-A484-2 Photograph 7 - This large barn was used on a stock farm near Arcola.
Image Preview R-A24569 Photograph 8 - A gambrel-roofed barn with stone foundations. It was built in 1904.
Image Preview R-A23518-1 Photograph 9 - An example of a gambrel-roofed barn with a windmill.
Image Preview R-A24570 Photograph 10 - This large barn near Oxbow had a stone foundation and could house several teams of horses.
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