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Vegetable crops from the garden were always popular.

"The dominant crop during the first 60 years of homesteading was 'king wheat'. New strains of wheat made Saskatchewan the 'bread basket of the world'. During these years of a near monoculture system based on wheat, there were always some homesteaders growing crops such as corn, flax, and rye."

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Vegetables; Oxbow District

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Image Preview R-B1337 Photograph 1 - Sheaves of wheat stooked in a field.
Image Preview R-A96-2 Photograph 2 - Fields of stooked oats in the Snipe Lake district.
Image Preview R-A93-3 Photograph 3 - A crop of winter rye.
Image Preview R-A1053-2 Photograph 4 - Cultivating a field of corn near Radville.
Image Preview R-A102-2 Photograph 5 - A field of corn in the Snipe Lake district.
Image Preview R-A122 Photograph 6 - Cutting corn stalks for fodder.
Image Preview R-A103 Photograph 7 - Harvesting sunflowers with a specialized horse-drawn harvester.
Image Preview R-A105-4 Photograph 8 - Harvesting flax in the Snipe Lake district.
Image Preview R-B283-2 Photograph 9 - Loads of flax filled the wagons after the harvest in the Swift Current district.
Image Preview S-B9660 Photograph 10 - Doukhobor women and children beating flax in the field.
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