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Charles Saunders discovered Marquis wheat.

"Without the scientific and experimental research that was done by people such as Saunders and Wheeler it is doubtful that agriculture would have advanced as rapidly as it did in Saskatchewan. Faced with an extreme climate, many homesteaders found that they were trying to grow crops not suited to the land. Through the experimental work that was done new crop varieties were developed that made Saskatchewan the 'bread basket of the world.'"

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Charles Saunders

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Image Preview R-A350 Photograph 1 - Charles Saunders discovered Marquis wheat.
Image Preview R-A254-1 Photograph 2 - Heads and kernels of several different wheat varieties. Number two is Marquis and number three is Red Fife.
Image Preview R-B410 Photograph 3 - A portrait of Seager Wheeler.
Image Preview R-A3664 Photograph 4 - Examining a crop of experimental grain.
Image Preview R-B2946-1 Photograph 5 - A few of the awards that Seager Wheeler won for his agricultural developments.
Image Preview R-B420 Photograph 6 - The College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-B4631-6 Photograph 7 - The experimental fields and barns at the University of Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-B4631-3 Photograph 8 - Several experimental projects underway in the fields at the University of Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A93-1 Photograph 9 - An experimental crop of winter rye.
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