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Agriculture - Swathing and Combining
Item Number
VT R-1175 Part 1
Item Date
ca 1923

Early Farm Machinery - Part 1: The Harvesting Process (Silent Film)

"In this section of a film called Early Farm Machinery, the entire harvesting process is illustrated - from swathing to threshing. "

Document Details
Reference Number:
VT R-1175 Part 1
Media Type:
Department of Agriculture
Length: 5 min. 09 sec.
Harvesting Machinery; Tregarva District

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Image Preview R-A3733 Photograph 1 - An early reaper pulled by a team of horses.
Image Preview R-A6146-1 Photograph 2 - Using a narrow mower pulled by horses to cut a heavy crop.
Image Preview R-A6575 Photograph 3 - This contemporary postcard illustrated a harvest scene as a binder worked on a field of wheat.
Image Preview R-B1668 Photograph 4 - A 6 ft binder helped this farmer get his first crop off near Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B3028 Photograph 5 - In the St. Luke district a team of horses pulled a binder to cut a heavy crop.
Image Preview R-B9153 Photograph 6 - "Two binders and teams of horses, busy at work on a farm during harvest."
Image Preview Chamber Of Commerce Album-46 Photograph 7 - A group of binders at work.
Image Preview R-A15147-2 Photograph 8 - "Near Kindersley, this farmer used a push harvester/binder with a team of 4 horses."
Image Preview R-A121-1 Photograph 9 - A field of oats being cut in the Snipe Lake district.
Image Preview R-A2868 Photograph 10 - Harvesting with a barge near Luseland.
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