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When the minister's daughter was married the entire community showed up to celebrate.

"Marriage, wedding ceremonies, and starting a new family were extremely important to the immigrants who were streaming into the province. Not only did the ceremonies perform a legal and religious duty, but they also symbolized the establishment of new roots and hope for the provinces' future. "

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Weddings; Drake District;

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Image Preview R-A23199-1 Photograph 01 - When the minister's daughter was married the entire community showed up to celebrate.
Image Preview R-A3495 Photograph 02 - A smaller wedding outside the home of a Ukrainian settler.
Image Preview R-A6858 Photograph 03 - "Wedding customs would vary according to the settler’s homeland, but the bride and groom always posed for pictures."
Image Preview R-A6859 Photograph 04 - An overflow crowd attended a Ukrainian wedding at the local country church.
Image Preview R-B1652 Photograph 05 - A formal picture of the wedding party.
Image Preview R-B1653 Photograph 06 - A large country wedding in the farmyard.
Image Preview R-B1750-1 Photograph 07 - The well-to-do weddings were a more formal affair
Image Preview R-B1939 Photograph 08 - A wedding party beside the Sioux Flats church.
Image Preview R-B10323 Photograph 09 - An outdoor wedding party at Cannington Manor.
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