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Transportation and Communication - Steamboats and River Travel
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A 1279
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An interview with Ralph Huggins - steamboat operator on Last Mountain Lake.

Born in 1892 and arriving in Saskatchewan in 1905, Mr. Huggins describes his work on the steamship Qu'Appelle. This ship hauled settlers and freight up and down Last Mountain (Long) Lake until 1913. This steamboat was part of the Pearson Land Company's efforts to attract homesteaders to the area. Refer to R-B3496 and R-B783 for pictures of the steamboat on Last Mountain Lake.

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A 1279
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Interviewed by Caroline Froher.
Length: 6 min. 28 sec.
William Pearson Company; Last Mountain Valley; Steamboats;

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Image Preview R-B3850 Photograph 01 - Barr colonists unload freight from barges at Lloydminster Landing on the North Saskatchewan River.
Image Preview R-B1746 Photograph 02 - Along the North Saskatchewan River in Prince Albert a delivery wagon was used to bring the freight up from a steamboat.
Image Preview R-A2116 Photograph 03 - A steamboat on the North Saskatchewan River near Battleford.
Image Preview R-A2117 Photograph 04 - The Battleford ferry boat took traffic across the river before a bridge was built.
Image Preview R-A74229 Photograph 05 - The 'City of Medicine Hat' steamboat after crashing into the Victoria Street bridge in Saskatoon.
Image Preview R-B783 Photograph 06 - The steamboat 'Qu'Appelle' carried people and freight up and down Last Mountain Lake.
Image Preview R-B3496 Photograph 07 - Port Hyman, at the southern end of Last Mountain Lake, was the main port of call for the steamboat 'Qu'Appelle'.
Image Preview A 1279 Audio 08 - An interview with Ralph Huggins - steamboat operator on Last Mountain Lake.
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