Reading Room Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations govern the use of archival materials in the reading room of the Provincial Archives. The purpose of these rules and regulations is to help protect our unique Collection, while providing a positive working environment for our patrons.

  1. Leave coats, bags and briefcases outside the reading room. Lockers are available upon request. Researchers are advised that personal belongings taken into the reading room may be searched upon leaving.
  2. Do not smoke, eat or drink in the reference area; do not take in food or beverages.
  3. Inform the reference staff if you wish to use a camera, tape recorder or personal computer.
  4. Use only pencils, and do not mark documents in any way. Pencils are available upon request.
  5. Handle all archival materials with extreme care.
  6. Do not remove the portion of the request slip that has been attached to archival materials by reference staff.
  7. Do not disturb the order of documents in files. Report misplaced or damaged documents to the Reference Archivist.
  8. Do not remove documents from files for any reason. If reproductions are required, special forms and markers will be provided. Please Note:  Some documents are too fragile to be copied.
  9. Do not remove archival materials from the reference area for any purpose.
  10. Close folders and boxes not being consulted to minimize exposure to light.
  11. Work as quietly as possible. Conferences with reference staff or other researchers and the use of cellular telephones, must take place outside the reading room.
  12. Ask reference staff for information on access to restricted collections.
  13. Do not share the contents of restricted records with persons who have not been granted access to them. Return restricted records to the reference desk in person.
  14. Inform reference staff if you are leaving, either temporarily or for the day. Please advise staff if you would like materials reserved until your next visit.
  15. Please note:  The responsibility for conforming with copyright, libel and privacy legislation lies with the researcher.

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