For Young Historians

What do you imagine Saskatchewan was like 50 years ago?  100 years ago?  1000 years ago?

Can you picture you and your family living in a house built out of sod or logs during the winter in Saskatchewan?

How would you feel if you had to leave Canada and go live in another country?  

On these pages created especially for young historians, you can...

...learn about Saskatchewan's past

...explore topics like housing for early settlers or the experiences of immigrants, with your teacher and class-mates, or on your own

...learn about using archival records as evidence for your heritage fair project, and how to get free photographs

Begin your journey by trying out the

for Young Historians

From what you can see in this photograph, 
what do you think is happening?

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What game is being played?

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What town is this?

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What are these men building?

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What is this, and where is it located?

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