Saskatchewan Legislative Building Time Capsule - Cornerstone Opening

The Opening

On December 15, 2011, the time capsule at the Legislative Building was opened by Premier Brad Wall and Lieutenant Governor Dr. Gordon Barnhart.

The paper documents were transferred to the McKenzie Art Gallery where their conservator flattened and unrolled documents that had been tightly folded for one hundred years.

The other artifacts were sent to the conservation lab of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum for treatment.

Following a year of display at the Legislative Building to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the building, the contents of the time capsule were transferred to the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Central Services in November 2013 and accessioned as number 2013-491 by the Appraisal and Acquisition Unit. 

The records were then transferred to the Provincial Archives Records Processing Unit.  A series level description and individual item descriptions were created and a finding aid prepared.

Textual records were placed in acid-free file folders.  Photographs were placed in protective sleeves and envelopes.  Oversize items and objects were wrapped in acid free tissue.  All items were then boxed in acid free containers.

The records were then transferred to the Provincial Archives office in Regina for access and long term storage.  The original records can be viewed by visiting Reference Services at the Hillsdale office.  Please check the main page of our website for hours of operation.

Bata 1854 – Original time capsule within cornerstone prior to removal. December 2011 [S. Bata private photo]

Bata 1025 – Capsule is opened after 100 years. December 2011 [S. Bata private photo]

Morning Leader Oct. 2 – Tightly folded Morning Leader prior to conservation and flattening [McKenzie Art Gallery Photo]

Phoenix a – Saskatoon newspaper prior to flattening [McKenzie Art Gallery Photo]

Photo 2nd Leg. Assembly c – Changes in humidity and spending a century packed in a time capsule left this photograph tightly curled.  The image may have been badly damaged had someone attempted to unroll it prior to humidification and flattening. (see Composite Photograph - Second Saskatchewan Legislature - S 75.26) [McKenzie Art Gallery Photo]

100-2428 – S 75 1909 Time Capsule Series - Records in storage boxes.  Oversize items are stored separately.  [Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan staff photo]


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