The Spanish Flu in Saskatchewan - Local Histories

Local Histories

There are many local history books in the Provincial Archives. They document the history of a town or region, often with notes on businesses, churches, and other organizations active there as well as the people that lived there. There are excerpts in some of these books that showcase life in the towns and villages of Saskatchewan during the Spanish Flu epidemic.

This excerpt from the Rouleau and District local history book features the story of Sister Mary Cecil. Her father, mother and one of her four siblings died from the Spanish Flu.














Rouleau and District History: The Buckle of the Grain Belt p. 76-78, R-E4022

Many other local history books mention the Spanish Flu briefly. In Aneroid: The Rising Barometer, Roy Pollock tells about how his whole family except for he, his father, and (sister?) Rita were sick with the flu. He also tells of farmers going to the barn and dying in the field on the way home. In a Kamsack and area book (Spinning Stories: A Woven History;     Kamsack, Togo, Veregin, Runnymede), one account mentions that a veterinarian had to deliver a baby because the doctors and nurses were so busy with the flu victims.














Aneroid: The Rising Barometer R-E988  


Spinning Stories: A Woven History; Kamsack, Togo, Veregin, Runnymede, Cote  R-E1621                       


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