Transfer of Land to Saskatchewan in 1930

When Saskatchewan became a province in 1905, the Dominion Government retained control over land and all other natural resources within provincial boundaries.  Consequently, the administration of Dominion resources such as homestead lands was retained by the Department of the Interior and managed in Dominion Land offices.

In 1930, the Canadian government transferred control of all of Saskatchewan's natural resources, including land, to the province.  From this point forward, the Province administered land and other resources within provincial boundaries.  Provincial land titles offices oversaw the homestead granting process and maintained land title records.  Today, Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan maintains the province’s land title records.

This administrative history is reflected in the organization of homestead records available at the Provincial Archives.  Homestead files are split into two series:  Pre-1930 Homestead Files and Post-1930 Homestead Files. 

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