Post-1930 Homestead File Series (S 43)

The Post-1930 Homestead File Series was created by the Lands Branch of the Saskatchewan government after 1930, but the series includes records created by the head office of the Dominion Lands Branch, federal Department of the Interior, when it was in charge of land settlement from 1871-1930.  Many homestead files which were created in the late 1920s were carried forward into the provincial Lands Branch record system to track cases where homesteaders were completing their homestead requirements at or after the time of the transfer of land and other natural resources to the Province in 1930

The Post-1930 Homestead File Series has been indexed by name and legal land location.  However, at this time, the Post-1930 Homestead File Series index is only available to Archives’ staff members.  If you are interested in having this index searched for a particular name or land description, please contact us.

Please Note:  Some records in the Post-1930 Homestead File Series have access restrictions.  Each access request for files from this series will be reviewed individually. This review may take time if the volume of records is large. Out-of-town researchers should take this timeline into consideration when planning a research visit.