Other Saskatchewan Land Records

Other Land Records at the Provincial Archives

Fiats: Records contain name, address and occupation of the applicant along with the legal land description, size, and type of grant.  

Township Register: Index to disposals of Dominion lands.  Includes date of entry, name of grantee, date of patent, and notations.  

Township Plans:  Survey maps showing an entire township on each map. 

Cummins Maps: Maps showing who owned a quarter section in a given year; 1917, 1920, 1922, 1926, and 1930 maps are available.

Brand books: Books used to locate a rancher whose land was acquired by grazing lease instead of by homestead patent.  

Timber and Grazing Records: Information about individuals who had a lease to cut timber or graze animals. Records are on microfilm (R-2.1000, Dept of Agriculture, Lands Branch Records, Timber and Grazing Records). An index is available (R-1224) which can be used with the Township Registers.  

Saskatchewan Land Records Held at Other Repositories

Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan: Records include homestead grants (land grant document only), land sales, land purchases, land transfers, all railway land transactions, school lands, and copies of original land grant certificates. 

Glenbow Archives: Records of Canadian Pacific Railway land sales. 

Library and Archives Canada: Records include Western Land Grants (letters patent only), North West Mounted Police (NWMP) land grants, Métis scrip records, colonization company records.

Archives of Manitoba - Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Archives: Records include HBC land sales records.