Access Restrictions and Donation Agreements

Access Restrictions and Donation Agreements

All donations result in a transfer of ownership to the Provincial Archives.  In most cases, a standard Agreement to Transfer Form (ATT) is sufficient to cover all issues relating to a donation of records.  However, where concerns exist regarding public access to or use of records, a formal agreement is negotiated between the donor and the Archives. This document defines terms which govern the length of restrictions, use, and the legal transfer of ownership of records donated to the Provincial Archives. It also identifies individuals who have the authority to control access to records during periods of restriction, and allows for the effective long-term management of the records according to the donor's wishes.

There are a number of factors that should be considered when donating material to the Provincial Archives that may result in a formal agreement:

  • The records contain material that is of a sensitive personal nature
  • The records contain personal health information about any individual or group of individuals, or other information which is considered personal or private.
  • The records are being donated relatively soon after their creation and relate to current individuals or events

If a donor thinks that their records should be restricted from public access, they should discuss their concerns with the Appraisal Archivist to arrive at mutually satisfactory terms (length of restriction, terms of access, etc.).  The Archivist will often suggest restricting records in instances where the contents of the records bear on the privacy of individuals.

Please contact Appraisal, Acquisition, Legislative Compliance and Access at or (306) 787-0452 if you have further questions about donation agreements.