Political Records

Constituency and Political Records and the Provincial Archives

Political records document the political evolution and development of the province through the activities of individuals participating in public life. Our mandate encourages the acquisition of records of long-term historical significance both at regional and provincial levels. The Provincial Archives' Collection includes legislative and political party records representing all political interests.

The Archives and Public Record Management Act makes a clear distinction between private records of Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) (personal, political, and constituency records) and the ministerial records of Ministers of the Crown (records related directly to their ministerial portfolio responsibilities).  Ministerial records are managed and acquired in accordance with a records retention schedule and are considered public records.

The Acquisition of Private Records by the Provincial Archives 

The Provincial Archives provides a secure, quality-controlled environment for the preservation of an MLAs constituency, personal and political records. Archivists provide advice on records organization, preservation techniques, and records maintenance. Every attempt is made to preserve the integrity of file contents to best reflect the activities that the records document, as well as the circumstances surrounding the creation of the record.

Records generated by politicians provide insight into social and political issues, party policy and personal experiences within the parliamentary system. Political records describe the political and constituency activities of individual members of the legislature, as well as personal observations of public life. As in any activity, not all records that are created need to be kept to ensure future understanding of participation in the political process. Archives staff conducts appraisals of the records examining both content and context for historical and evidential value.

Records acquired by the Archives may include speeches, committee minutes and memoranda, agendas and reports, notices of meetings, party conferences and election material, constituency correspondence and letters. All formats are accepted including photographs, film, videos, audio-tapes, textual and digital records. We encourage the donation of records in their original form although copies may also be donated to the Archives.

Should MLAs decide to donate their records to the Provincial Archives, they will be contributing a gift of great historical value to the province. Their records will be appraised by professional archivists and those records of enduring historical significance will be arranged, described and eventually made available to the public in accordance with access provisions defined through an agreement between the Provincial Archives and the donor. 

Freedom of Information Provincial Legislation and Private Records

Under the terms of section 3(1)(c) of Chapter F-22.01 The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act "material that is placed in the custody of the Provincial Archives by or on behalf of persons or organizations other than government institutions" is exempt from the legislation. This exemption ensures that confidentiality is maintained and that the tradition continues of non-partisanship in the acquisition of records.  Access to these records is governed by a donor agreement.

For information on donating political records, please contact:

Trina Gillis, Manager
Appraisal, Acquisition, Legislative Compliance and Access Unit
Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan
P.O. Box 1665, Regina, S4P 3C6
phone: (306) 787-0452
email: tgillis@archives.gov.sk.ca