Donors and Records Donated

Records are defined by the donor, the record, and the circumstances surrounding records creation.

Typical Types of Donors:

Individuals: Architects/engineers, artists/writers, business entrepreneurs, civil servants, collectors, community historians, community leaders, farmers, politicians, teachers, and many others who may have created or maintained records that have a bearing on Saskatchewan personalities, places, events.

Organizations: Agricultural associations, arts associations, business associations, ethno-cultural associations, First Nations groups, historical societies, labour associations, language groups, literary associations, medical professional associations, service clubs, military associations, musical associations, political associations, religious organizations, special interest groups, sports/recreation associations, trade associations, and many other organizations that have a bearing on Saskatchewan personalities, places, events.

Businesses: Architectural and engineering firms, co-operatives, family businesses, financial institutions, industrial businesses, and many other businesses that have a bearing on Saskatchewan personalities, places, events.

Typical Types of Records Donated:

The acquisition of records is primarily based on the context of the creation of the records and their use, however the following are typical types of records that we acquire: architectural drawings/specifications, briefs and submissions, correspondence, diaries and journals, family histories, financial records, membership lists, minutes of meetings, poetry, publications, reminiscences, reports, scrapbooks, speeches, unpublished manuscripts (fiction or non-fiction), and ephemera.

Formats include, but are not limited to: digital formats, film, maps, microfilm, photographs, posters, sound recordings, textual (paper), and video.