Education Records

Student Attendance Records

At one time, there were thousands of rural and urban school districts in Saskatchewan. It may be difficult to determine where family members attended school but if the land description of the home farm is known, the Provincial Archives can help to pinpoint the school district in which a family lived. For family historians the most valuable records are the daily attendance registers, which list the children enrolled in the school, their ages, dates of birth and occasionally the names of their parents or guardians. They attendance registers may be found at the following locations:

  • At the current School Division office for the area in question
  • With the last secretary-treasurer of the school before it closed
  • At a local museum, archives or library
  • At the Provincial Archives

Unfortunately, many attendance registers have not survived or have not been transferred to a safe repository.

Regulations stipulate that attendance registers are to be retained by the School Division office for the area concerned, and many of these registers may be found at this source. Maps and contact information for School Divisions is available on the website of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education at .

All daily attendance registers preserved at the Provincial Archives are restricted due to personal information contained within the record. As with all provincial and local government records, The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and The Health Information Protection Act govern access to these records. Permission to access information from these records must be obtained through the Provincial Archives’ Legislative Compliance and Access Officer.  This may be coordinated through a Reference Archivist.

While individuals may apply for access to their own school records, student records from institutions of higher education are not readily accessible to the general public. However yearbooks and student newspapers may offer an alternative source for information on individual students. These are available in school and college libraries and at the archives of the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. A few yearbooks have been collected by the Provincial Archives.

School District Records

The Provincial Archives holds a series of administrative records created by the Department of Education which include a file for each school district established in the province. While these files do not contain the names of pupils, they frequently include background information related to a school district's formation such as the original petition to establish the school district, the names of the first ratepayers and maps showing where they owned land. School Officials forms and Superintendents’ Reports provide information about school conditions and teachers.

Inactive Teachers Register Sheets

The Ministry of Education records also include Inactive Teachers Register Sheets, 1912-1938. These sheets show a teacher’s date and place of birth and educational qualifications, and identify where the teacher taught in Saskatchewan.

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