Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan
P.O. Box 1665
Regina SK  S4P 3C6

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan
Room 91, Murray Building
3 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK  S7N 5A4

The Provincial Archives offers reference services in two office, in Regina and in Saskatoon.  If in doubt about where to initiate an enquiry, please forward your correspondence to the Saskatoon address.

The Regina office is the primary contact for business services, donation of records, and services for government.  

For Reference Enquiries, please contact:

Regina Contact Numbers
Phone:  306-787-4068
Fax:  306-787-1197

Saskatoon Contact Numbers
Phone:   306-933-5832
Fax:  306-933-7305

For enquiries related to records management services for government, please contact:  306-787-0734

For Hours of Operation and Directions to the Saskatoon office, click here.

For Hours of Operation and Direction to the Regina office, click here.

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