Donating Records

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan would like to hear from you regarding potential donations to the Archives! Please use our Donation of Records form to let us know about your records.  Our appraisal archivists will be pleased to contact you.  To maintain COVID-19 safeguards for both donors and staff, please consult with an appraisal archivist in advance of any donation.

The Provincial Archives provides a controlled environment for the preservation of archival records of historical value. Archivists are available to appraise records, to determine historical value, and to provide advice to organizations on records management, the proper physical storage and handling of material, and the transfer process to archival custody. The donation of private records to our repository is encouraged to ensure a lasting and effective documentation of everyday life, political development, economic growth, cultural achievement and provincial spirit of Saskatchewan.

Thinking of Donating Records to the Provincial Archives?

Click on the links below for more detailed donation information:

The Donation Process 
Access Restrictions and Donor Agreements
Monetary Appraisals for Tax Credit 
Donors and Records Donated
Political Records
Guide for Maintaining Records and Identifying Archival Material for Societies and Organizations

If you or your organization is interested in donating records, or if you have specific questions about a potential donation, please complete the Donation of Records Enquiry form.