Strategic Plan

The Provincial Archives follows the goals and objectives of its 2020-2023 strategic plan.


By 2030, the Proinvical Archives of Saskatchewan will be recognized by the public, heritage partners and government, as an innovative public archive, rich in the diversity of our collections, accessible thorugh online and in-person discovery and fully-engaged in government-wide records and information management services.


To acquire, preserve, and make accessible the documentary heritage of Saskatchewan and to provide guidance and oversight for the provincial government on records and information management.


Trust, integrity, and respect

Transparency and Accountability

Innovation and Collaboration

Service Excellence


As defined in The Archives and Public Records Management Act the objects and functions of the Provincial Archives are:

  • To acquire and preserve public and private records of significance to Saskatchewan and to facilitate access to those records;
  • To be the permanent repository of public records;
  • To ensure that public records are managed, kept and preserved in a usable format;
  • To promote and facilitate good records management respecting public records in  order to support accountability, transparency and effective operations;
  • To encourage and support archival activities and the archival community.

Click here to download the Provincial Archives' 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.