Administrative Records Management System 2014 (ARMS2014)

The Administrative Records Management System 2014 (ARMS 2014) is a comprehensive records management tool for arranging and scheduling all administrative records created or received by Government Ministries, Agencies, Boards, Commissions, Officers of the Legislative Assembly, Legislative Assembly Services or Other Branches of the Public Service in Saskatchewan. The System is not applicable to most Crown Corporations in Saskatchewan. Please contact 306-787-0734 or if you require further clarification in this regard.

ARMS 2014 supersedes ARMS 2006 for any administrative records created on or after April 1, 2015. Administrative records closed (inactive) prior to April 1, 2015, that are classified using ARMS 2006 can be disposed of in accordance with ARMS 2006 or ARMS 2014. Administrative records created or active on April 1, 2015, or after that date must be related to ARMS 2014 or corporate-wide records retention and classification schedules approved by the Public Records Committee for crown corporations.

To download ARMS 2014 in Adobe PDF file format please click here.  To download ARMS 2014 Abridged (contains only record series and index) in PDF file format please click here.

A hard copy of the manual is available for $25.00.  If you have problems with downloading ARMS 2014, or you wish to order a printed manual, please contact us at 306-787-0734 or

In the case of any discrepancies between printed versions of ARMS 2014 and the version that is posted on this website, please contact for clarification.